The role of a father has changed dramatically over the last few years. Whereas men from our fathers’ generation took a much more authoritative and disciplinary role as the main family provider; dads these days are more empathetic and sensitive towards their children and family’s needs.

DadDuty is ultimately a community of real dads that connect men that have kids, with each other. It offers them the ability to find the tools and insight needed to create the fundamental balance between being a great father and being a successful man. Each dad bringing a unique skill to the fold, as well as offering particular knowledge in an area where it might be lacking.

We are also working with a select database of preferred partners, in an attempt to streamline a dad’s busy life and giving them the opportunity and information they’ll need to deal with the many challenges fatherhood inevitably brings.

Being part of this platform not only allows men to tap in to these essential resources, but it also offers them the rare chance to “hang-out” and connect directly with other dads and their kids at one of our DadDuty Events.